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One of the great needs—maybe certainly one of the greatest needs in our world—is for us to know one another, to know what's really going on in the world around us and to feel a commonality of need and purpose with other people. People of different walks of life, other nations, other ethnic backgrounds, economic statuses, different philosophies, and religions. We need to find a common bond with the rest of humanity and the documentary allows us to do that. I think it's the most effective way of connecting with another person's life.

-Albert Maysles,

Grey Gardens, Salesmen

Counting Birds

On reclaimed strip mined land at The Wilds, grassland birds have found a refuge from big agriculture and other threats. But their numbers are decreasing even on this refuge. What is the answer? Field researchers thing they know. This film is a part of the 10,000 ACRES multimedia documentary. (11:21)


'Til the Wheels Fall Off

In Portsmouth, Ohio, a town recovering from the devestation of the overdose crisis, a semi pro football team provides a community, and dignity, to a scrappy band of warriors. This film follows them through one season as they struggle with life on and off the field, and savor every little success. (1:10:00)


Searching for Shawnee

Shawnee is an old coal mining town in the Appalachian region of Ohio. Residents there want to build on its historic past, and create a livable present. Music rings through the new forests. Published in The Daily Yonder.  (16:22)


Breathe Free

An art exhibit called Crossing Borders highlights the stories of refugees at a time when when US politics is closing the door to the world's most vulnerable. This film features stories of those creating the artwork, as well as those who have escaped harrowing situations around the world and settled in the Columbus, Ohio area. (51:41)


Counting the Homeless

Each year, communities across the country pick a day to attempt to count their homeless in their midst. This short film documents volunteers in Zanesville, Ohio setting out for the count. It especially focuses on two volunteers who head up to the railroad tracks. One has been homeless homeless herself, so she knows what she is looking for. (12:44)


What Matters 

When protests erupted across the nation following the murder of George Floyd, most of the attention was focus on big city actions. This film documents the activism and underlying issues of a smaller town, Zanesville, Ohio. It shows large gatherings, equally divided between white and black, marching peacefully through downtown. Still, participants feel pushback, including an anonymous street muralist. The film was produced for WOUB. (29:40)

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