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10,000 ACRES

This is a wide ranging, multimedia documentary about The Wilds, and the history of the land it occupies. The Wilds is one of the largest endangered species preserves in North American. It occupies land that was strip mined. Before that, the land was farmed; this era began with the pioneers. Some of these settlers were white Europeans, others were of mixed race. At first the communities got along, but as more white settlers poured into Meigs Township, the more racial tensions ensued. Before the settlers, of course, Indiginous American lived on and worked the land, including those who built mounds on the land two thousand years ago. Each of these stories, and more, are told in narrative, documentary film, and animated with maps, charts and graphs. Enjoy this epic tale of 10,000 acres in east central Ohio. Produced in cooperation with The Wilds for 100 Days in Appalachia. 

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